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Freely is travel insurance in an app. With our single bundled plan and optional cover add-ons, you only pay for what you need while enjoying live chat support, easy-to-start claims and 24/7 access to medical and emergency specialists.

Only pay for the extra coverage you need on the days you actually need it.

Update your policy on your trip so you can embrace travel spontaneity.

Get 24/7 support in-app with access to our medical and emergency specialists.

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Here's what our travellers have to say about us

Used Freely twice now and both times have had an amazing experience. We made claims for both trips due to travel delays/cancellations and freely were amazingly accomodating and helpful. We use freely every time now! So easy and so great.

briannaortega06 on App Store

Booking insurance for my partner and myself was done in legitimately 5mins and at a reasonable cost.

BenFromBoronia on App Store

First time purchasing travel insurance on an app rather than a browser and it was easy to use and pick add ons. Would recommend.

david_junior21 on App Store

Really happy with my Freely experience! Love that I can just easily add my trips and add on additional protection if my plans change. Well done Freely team!

Howdyhihello on App Store

I’ve used Freely twice now and I’m so impressed with the app and the ease of applying for insurance. Haven’t had to claim yet (thankfully!), but will keep using them as it literally takes less than 5 minutes to buy travel insurance!

Jo77777777 on App Store

This is an amazing product. Everything is very easy to complete, excellent customer service and very efficient claim service. I highly recommend Freely.

even trouble on App Store

Love that I just add in my trips and I’ve got travel insurance just like that!

lilyinez on App Store

How Freely works

Step one (Before your trip)
Get cover with our Explorer Plan
We've made buying travel insurance easier by bundling medical, trip and belongings cover in our single Explorer Plan. Get a quote and buy your policy in minutes.
Step two (Before your trip)
Add Trip Extras
If you need additional coverage for your trip or favourite gadgets, you can build upon the Explorer Plan by adding any of our Trip Extras.
Step three (Before your trip)
Download the Freely app
Enjoy our safety and support features, including location-targeted alerts, live chat, telehealth access and 24/7 access to medical and emergency specialists. You can make claims and buy future policies with the app.
Step four (Before or during your trip)
Turn on Daily Boosts
Last-minute ski trip? Need a rental vehicle or motorcycle for the day? Embrace spontaneity and toggle on additional activity coverage for the days you need it.

There’s a lot of detail to unpack in the above, so refer to and read the Combined FSG/PDS for more information. To learn about the Target Market for this product, you can read our TMD. ~ Medical and dental cover will not exceed 12 months from onset of the illness or injury.

Get flexible travel insurance and protection in minutes with Freely!

App features

See app features


With a built-in SOS feature for safety alerts, 24/7 access to telehealth and our medical and emergency specialists, the Freely app provides a safer way to explore.


The Freely app gives you the flexibility to boost your policy while you’re away, so you can get coverage for spontaneous activities.


We know accidents can sometimes happen while you're away, so we’ve made it easier to submit a claim within the Freely app.


Booking a trip? Get a quote in minutes for your next adventure with the Freely app.

Who's travelling?

Freely's mission
As part of our continued efforts to give back to people, places and the planet, we donate 1% of our revenue to environmental and social initiatives we feel passionate about.

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Why get travel insurance?

We get it: travel insurance has always been a bit of a pain – yet another expense you have to fork out for before a trip.

But unexpected medical bills can be life changing if you don't have coverage to help out, not to mention the risk of things like lost luggage, flight delays and extreme weather events.

You've got enough to worry about when you travel, so consider taking out an insurance policy with Freely to get access to greater protection on your next adventure.

Is it too late to purchase travel insurance?

Though you can purchase a Freely policy from the airport as you're waiting to take off, or even once you're already on the road, there are several benefits to sorting your travel insurance out well before you depart.

Protect your trip before you even leave home

If you buy a Freely policy as soon as you finalise your itinerary, you'll receive instant cover under our amendment or cancellation costs benefit.

Policies bought while travelling are subject to a three-day no coverage period

This means there is no cover under any section of the policy for any event that has occurred already or that arises within the first three days of buying the policy.

Start with our Explorer Plan

If you don’t know what level of coverage you’ll be needing – say you’re not sure what days you’ll be skiing or renting a car – just get our Explorer Plan before you leave, then toggle on specific activity cover while using the Freely app while you're away. Just note that while you can add Daily Boosts on-the-go, any Trip Extras need to be added when you first purchase your policy.

Domestic vs international travel insurance

Whether you’re heading overseas for a holiday or just driving a few towns over for a weekend away, travelling is generally riskier than staying at home. That’s why Freely doesn’t just offer international travel insurance policies – we also offer domestic travel insurance.

Keep in mind that our domestic policies don’t offer medical coverage. They may, however, provide an extra layer of protection against things like cancellation and amendment costs and lost or stolen luggage.

Domestic Explorer Plan

It's easy to assume that travel insurance is only necessary for overseas holidays – but travelling domestically within Australia's borders carries many of the same risks! Freely offers coverage for all domestic travel: from the bustling hubs of Sydney and Melbourne to more regional, nature-based destinations such as Tasmania and the Gold Coast.

Overseas Explorer Plan

When things go wrong overseas, travel insurance can be the unexpected hero of your trip. Freely's Explorer Plan offers coverage for medical and dental, emergency evacuation and repatriation, trip cancellation and amendment, and lost and delayed luggage as standard – and you can add extra protection if you want to ski in Japan, rent a car in New Zealand or surf in Indonesia! We'll even let you adjust your policy on the fly.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance can help cover the cost of things that go wrong on your travels – from a monkey bite in Bali to a lost passport in Japan. With Freely, if you purchase your travel insurance in advance, you’ll even have coverage if your trip gets cancelled before you even leave, or if you’re unable to go at all for some reason.

Regardless of which travel insurance provider you decide to go with, it’s important to read the PDS (that’s the product disclosure statement) in full before you buy a policy to find out what is and is not covered. You don’t want to get caught out on your holiday for something you’re not insured for.

The importance of travel insurance

Travelling may be one of life’s most enriching activities, but there’s a lot that can go wrong when you’re on the move. You might fall ill while on holiday, lose your valuable belongings or urgently need to return home, for instance – all problems that can be very expensive to deal with.

The good news is that travel insurance may help you counter the cost of such risks. In fact, the Australian Government website Smartraveller considers travel insurance “as important as a passport” when you're travelling overseas.

This is where Freely comes in handy: a travel insurance and safety app that allows you to get a quote, buy a policy and access 24/7 medical and emergency assistance from the palm of your hand. Just be sure to check out our PDS for the full details of what is and isn’t included as part of your coverage when you take out a travel insurance policy with us.

Key factors to consider when selecting your travel insurance provider

When working out what to look for in a travel insurance policy to suit your specific requirements, your biggest priority should be making sure you’ll genuinely be able to use the insurance as a financial safety net if a crisis happens. Though you may find yourself being drawn to the one with the lowest up-front cost, if you let yourself be primarily driven by price, you might end up opting for a policy without coverage that turns out to be essential down the line! So what exactly should you look for in a policy?


Read the policy in full to find out what the PDS does and does not cover. You don't want to get caught out for something you're not insured for, such as having an accident when riding a motorbike overseas if you don't have the correct licence and/or insurance add-ons (with Freely, you need both!).

Medical coverage

This is particularly important in countries where the cost of medical attention can be expensive, or if you are travelling somewhere remote. Travel insurance provides benefits that may help with the cost of your medical treatment and hospital stay, as well as the transport to get you there.

Emergency repatriation

Repatriation can cover the cost of transporting you home if your insurer deems it medically necessary. It may also cover the cost of returning remains if the worst happens and a traveller passes away overseas.

Trip cancellation coverage

Travel insurance may help cover the cost of your trip if you have to cancel for unexpected reasons, such as illness, injury or a family emergency. In the age of COVID-19, this is especially important.

Lost or stolen luggage

If your luggage is lost or stolen, travel insurance may also provide coverage, which can include reimbursement for the cost of your lost or stolen luggage and its contents up to the limits and sublimits set out in the PDS.

Emergency assistance

Some insurance providers may offer more than just financial assistance when things go wrong. With Freely, you can talk to our customer support team through the app's live chat feature between 7am and 7pm AEST/AEDT, and you also get 24/7 access to a team of medical and emergency specialists.

Travel insurance for overseas medical expenses

While at home in Australia we have a good public healthcare system, other countries are not so fortunate. Not only can top medical assistance be difficult to access in certain parts of the world, but it can also be wildly expensive. For these reasons, it’s a great idea to consider taking out travel insurance with good medical cover, which comes as standard with our Overseas Explorer Plan.

Overseas medical and dental expenses

If you get sick or injure yourself overseas, you may be able to claim unlimited medical and dental expenses incurred overseas. Cover will not exceed 12 months from the onset your illness or injury.

Only applies to Overseas Explorer Plan

Pre-existing medical conditions

Freely provides coverage for a range of pre-existing medical conditions and disabilities (provided you meet the requirements set out in our PDS). Some conditions are automatically covered by our Explorer Plan, while others need to be approved and may carry an additional premium.

Mental health

We provide coverage for several pre-existing mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety (provided you meet our criteria as defined in the PDS and haven't been hospitalised, required treatment or changed medication in the last 12 months). If your condition does not meet the criteria as set out in the PDS, you can apply for coverage when completing your quote online and, if approved, pay any additional premium that may be required.

When is the best time to get travel insurance?

Freely’s flexibility allows you to purchase a policy from the airport or even when you’re already travelling – though keep in mind that if you’re buying your policy while you’re already on the road, there will be a three-day no coverage period.

To access the maximum amount of benefits your Freely policy can provide, we recommend getting your insurance sorted well in advance. Importantly, this will give you access to pre-trip cancellation coverage, which will assist you with covering the cost of your trip if you’re unable to go for reasons beyond your control (and that are outlined in our PDS).

Protecting your stuff while you're travelling

It can really suck if your belongings get lost, stolen or damaged when you are travelling – or if your bag gets delayed by your transport provider. Luggage cover, which can also be called baggage insurance or personal effects cover, may help out with that! Protection for your belongings is now standard in our Explorer Plan, and includes:

Loss, theft or damage to your luggage

If your luggage gets lost, stolen or damaged, we can reimburse you for the cost of your bag and its contents (limits apply). You can purchase additional coverage for special items and gadgets.

Delays to your luggage due to your transport provider

If your luggage doesn’t arrive when it’s supposed to because of your transport provider, we can reimburse you for items you had to purchase while waiting for it (when delay is more than 12 hours) (limits apply).

Accidental lost or stolen money

If you get pickpocketed or lose a wad of cash due to reasons beyond your control, we can reimburse you up to $500 AUD.

Still got questions?

Answers to some of the most common queries we get are outlined below, but if you're still scratching your head over something Freely-related, jump across to our FAQs page and see if it's been answered.

Why do I need travel insurance?
How do I get a quote on your website?
How do I get a quote on the Freely app?
Can I still use Freely without downloading your app?
I'm already travelling and forgot to buy insurance. Can I buy it now?
Is there a cooling-off period in case I change my mind?
Do you provide COVID-19 cover?
Do you cover existing medical conditions?